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Tim Ritchie running the 117th Boston Marathon approaching Heartbreak HIll Running Company

Tim Ritchie running the 117th Boston Marathon approaching Heartbreak HIll Running Company

The Boston Marathon has always been a symbol for the courage, unity and passion of the human person. The bombings at the finish line only made that truth more apparent. Thousands lined up in Hopkinton determined to overcome all challenges, to represent loved ones, to achieve the impossible and to be in community with everyone around them. After the explosions those same thousands and many more in addition did just that in support of their city, their friends and their families. That the immediate reaction to the bombings was an outpouring of love, a deep concern for the well being of all and an expression of solidarity speaks directly to the spirit of the marathon.

It was a strange and sad day in Boston on Monday, but in many ways also a joyful and triumphant day. I believe it is important to keep this balance in mind. It is true I witnessed shock, sorrow and fear, but I know I also saw faith, hope and love. May we be mindful of the achievements of the runners, the action of the responders and especially the loss of those families. May we also realize that the greatest way we can honor the lost and the hurt is to live with the fullness of heart we had on the morning of Marathon Monday and that I know we still have within us.

I trust that God will be a comforter to the brokenhearted and good counsel to those who mourn. I will continue to pray in thanksgiving for the safety and well being of my family and friends. I pray that God continues to be a source of courage amidst the fear, hope amidst the sadness and love despite the hatred. And I pray that our running may always be a testament to our strength as people and our community as brothers and sisters!

It is a long and tough road ahead to forgiveness, peace and normalcy, but I thank God that those affected know a thing or two about long, tough roads. We have prepared for the marathon with patience and heart. Now the marathon prepares us for whatever lies ahead.

Much peace,



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